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Elite Carwash


ELITE_CARWASH is a carwash system which is using ESX.

It’s rather simple to understand. It’s a highly configurable resource. Locale files included for both English and Swedish users.

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Elite Carwash is not like any other carwash resource. In this resource, the players can go to the auction and bid on the carwash. Whichever player that has the highest bid amount when the time is over owns it for 1 week. When owned, the player can change the price of the washing and they can withdraw money from their account if someone has washed their vehicle. No need for any “job” or anything. You can work as a police officer and still own the carwash if you would like.

The price of the wash is based on the vehicles dirt stains multiplied with whatever multiplier is set in the boss menu. You will not be able to wash your vehicle instantly. There is a timer in the resource depending on how much stain your vehicle has. The stain level decreases while washing, which is a great realistic effect. Well made particle system which isn’t spread out too much and is aligned with the direction of the vehicle etc.


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