Police Grappler [ESX,QB]

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Police Grappler is a standalone police bumper with a built-in grappler, used to de-escalate high speed pursuits, bringing the target vehicle to a safe and effective stop by disabling their rear tyre and latching onto it.


Easily Deploy – After setting up the grappler, you can deploy it from inside the vehicle at the click of a button.
Effective Stop – The tool aims to disable the rear wheel of the target vehicle, latching onto it and bringing it to a safe and effective stop.
Reloading – Reloading is quick but each grappler is one time use, so you’ll need to install a new one on the vehicle first, increasing realism!
Custom Props – We’ve had these props custom made for the resource, with realism in mind.
Highly Configurable – This resource is highly configurable and many aspects of the resource can be modified for your server.
Permissions – We’ve added support for QB-Core, ESX and vRP straight out of the box, along with standalone ace permissions as always!
Translations – You can easily translate the resource into another language for your community.
Discord Logging – Easily setup your webhook in the config file to allow Discord logging of everything related to the grappler.

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