Rising Sun Customs Map

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Rising Sun Customs Map

Rising Sun Customs Maps

  • Features: 
  • Customized exterior building and reworked ground
  • Custom interior building: mechanic room, car painting booth, corridor, bathrooms/changing room, recreative room, meeting room, stairs room, showroom, waiting room, boss room (100% handmade and original)
  • Custom furniture and props all around the MLO
  • Custom rotating platforms (NO SCRIPT! map implemented)
  • Custom texturing and materials
  • Audio emitters (radio in the mechanic shop)
  • Custom timecycle
  • Custom changeable signs and logos (for rebranding)
  • Custom working LODs (for best optimization)
  • Custom optimized lighting system (to improve GPU performances)
  • Exterior signs are NVE compatible
  • Dyno Test platform

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