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Vangelico Heist FiveM


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  • Jewel Heists supports both Vangelico and K4MBI’s “xGems Jewels” interiors for smash and grab style heists.

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Jewel Heists supports both Vangelico and K4MBI’s “xGems Jewels” interiors for smash and grab style heists.

– The map/mlo shown in the images and video are not available for free; You must purchase K4MBI’s “xGems Jewellery Store”.

Adds “security” features that make the heist a longer process to initiate and complete:

– Security panel must be hacked (using the mHacking minigame) before smashing any cases open, otherwise the front doors will be locked.

– If the front doors are locked, teargas is deployed momentarily at the front door to stall players from immediately escaping.

– Once the teargas has cleared, players are forced to complete the thermite minigame to unlock the front doors and escape.

– Players can optionally wear gloves while performing the robbery, with a chance to cut their hands/damage the player while smashing the glass if they don’t.


Hacking the computer/security system requires the player to have a preset item present in their inventory.

Smashing the cases requires the player to carry both a backpack/bag, and a gun that is defined in the whitelisted table.

Police are notified as soon as the jewel store robbery has been initiated, allowing them to set their GPS to the target position.

Loot reward table changes based on the count of police currently online. Flexible and easy to edit, supporting items, accounts and weapons, all types of reward schemes are possible.


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.

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