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FiveM housing scripts enable players to buy, rent, own, and personalize virtual properties in the game world. From cozy apartments to opulent mansions, these scripts offer diverse housing options for players to make their own within the FiveM server.


PURCHASE AND RENTING: Players can buy a property with in-game currency or rent it for a month .

CUSTOMIZATION: After purchase, the players have an opportunity to paint and change the property’s walls and floor.

STORAGE: Players can store their cars and weapons in the house.

BENEFITS ROLEPLAY: Property owning gives an opportunity to open a business, event space, or relax in your own house.

COMMUNITY: Owning a house gives you an opportunity to decorate it and invite other players to your house.

SERVER MONETIZATION: Some servers use property as monetization, selling luxury houses or premium customization for real currency.

Location v3(1355.3364, -573.5975, 74.3803, 242.2048) 

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