Animal Ark Zoo & Park MLO

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Animal Ark Zoo & Park MLO

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Here’s an all-new MLO & YMAP combination for FiveM!

The Animal Ark brand has expanded into conservation and awareness and they want you to come visit their one-of-a-kind zoo! It has all the wild necessities to stimulate your animal instincts! It’s also just a nice place to hang out, meet up, or maybe even work. The options really are endless.

The YMAP includes:

* Fenced parking & Ticketing booth

* Aviary & Primate enclosure

* Six outdoor enclosures

The MLO includes:

*12 indoor habitats

*Souvenir shop

*Modest veterinarian hospital

**Important note: This release incorporates a combination of static animals and freeroam/animated animals. The static animals are stationary models that consist of snakes, frogs, iguanas, spiders, giraffes, and elephants. These animals do not move. Aside from these animals, you can use whatever animals you want to! The freeroam/animated animals are default GTAV and modded animals.

  • 100% Open Source

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