Automated License Plate Reader [ESX,QB]

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The Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) system offers a straightforward and clean user interface, accessible via the command

Simple / Clean UI, The ALPR System offers a clean and simple user interface, Which can be brought up via the simple command /ALPR, There are a few other commands which are, /ALPR RESET UI (Which resets the ALPR UI Settings) /ALPR CLEAR FRONT (Clears the front plate lock) /ALPR CLEAR REAR (Clears the rear plate lock)

Standalone System, The ALPR System does not require any dependencies, This is a drag and drag script that works with fivem natives.

Plate Logs & Bolo Alerts, The ALPR System logs all the plates which are automatically scanned and shows whether they were > scanned on the FL, FR, RL, RR. This shows the vehicle make/model and shows a random registered owner for plates scanned. > When a bolo plate is set within the UI, Then scanned it will make an alert sound along with displaying a separate interface for the > alert. View the video below for further information.

Audio Alerts, The ALPR system has 4 different audio alerts for the following features, Plate Scan, Plate Hit, NCIC Alert, and > Local alert. The volume outputs can be changed within the ALPR user interface.


Video Preview Automated License Plate Reader [ESX,QB]

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