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FiveM | Script | Bike Hire | bike rental fivem

This premium resource adds a realistic bike rental experience to any roleplay server, featuring fully synced docking stations where players can hire and return bikes. With pre-configured docking locations and high configurability, server owners can seamlessly integrate this resource into their framework, such as vRP or ESX.

Players can hire bikes by interacting with the machines at docking stations and return them anywhere on the map. The resource includes features like cooldown periods, blips on the map indicating bike availability, and automatic bike resets to ensure smooth gameplay.

Enhanced realism is achieved with this resource, making your server stand out with unique features. It’s fully synced and compatible with both OneSync and Non-OneSync environments. Additionally, custom models have been included for an immersive experience.

Server owners can easily customize permission checks and integrate payment systems for bike hire. Overall, this resource offers a dynamic and engaging addition to any FiveM roleplay server.

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