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CodeM Garage revolutionizes vehicle management in FiveM, catering to ESX and QB frameworks. Boasting a sleek user interface, it provides comprehensive car information, facilitates secondhand sales, and allows seamless transfers, all within a single interface. Its futuristic design and open-source adaptability make it the go-to solution for virtual vehicle ownership in the gaming realm.

Being a sophisticated script designed for ESX and QB frameworks in the FiveM modding community, CodeM Garage is your ultimate vehicle management future. Its beautiful, easy to navigate interface raises the experience of owning virtual vehicles.
As all these scripts are open-sourced, there is no limit on personalizations you can make to achieve seamless integration and customization to fit your server’s unique needs.

Finding a particular car within the garage has never been this easy with the search option that allows effortless navigation through your virtual fleet. The user interface also provides detailed information about cars at first glance as well as an option for selling used cars directly from it thereby shortening sales process.


All Scripts Open SourceFuturistic Nice UI
Search Option For Cars In The Garage
Detailed Car Informations
Sell Secondhand Cars From UI
Transfer Your Car From UI
Gasoline Indicator In Car Shows
If The Car In Garage Or Outside
Engine Health Indicator
Transfer Log Bot For Discord

  1. Futuristic Nice UI: The CodeM Garage boasts an aesthetically pleasing and futuristic user interface, providing an immersive and visually appealing experience for users.
  2. Search Option for Cars in the Garage: Users can easily locate their vehicles with a powerful search option or filtering system, streamlining the process of managing a diverse collection of vehicles.
  3. Detailed Car Information: Gain in-depth insights into each vehicle with detailed information, including make, model, year, and any modifications. This feature ensures users have a comprehensive overview of their virtual car fleet.
  4. Sell Secondhand Cars from UI: Empower users to sell their secondhand vehicles directly from the UI, creating a seamless and integrated marketplace within the virtual world.
  5. Transfer Your Car From UI: Effortlessly transfer ownership or move vehicles between different virtual locations using the intuitive transfer functionality embedded in the user interface.
  6. Gasoline Indicator in Car Shows: Keep track of fuel levels with a real-time gasoline indicator displayed for each vehicle, enabling users to monitor and plan for refueling.
  7. If The Car Is In Garage or Outside: Instantly determine the location status of each vehicle, whether it’s parked safely in the garage or currently positioned outside in the virtual world.
  8. Engine Health Indicator: Monitor the health of each vehicle’s engine through a dedicated indicator, providing users with valuable information about the overall condition and performance of their cars.
  9. Transfer Log Bot for Discord: Enhance communication and transparency with a Discord bot that logs and broadcasts all transfer activities, ensuring users stay informed about changes in ownership or location.

Transfer cars with ease between players from the intuitive interface. Keep tabs on vehicle health with the gasoline and engine health indicators, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

Never lose track of your vehicles with indicators distinguishing between those in the garage and those in use. Plus, stay connected with a transfer log bot for Discord, keeping you informed of all vehicle movements in real-time.

CodeM Garage redefines vehicle management in FiveM, blending futuristic design with practical functionality for the ultimate virtual ownership experience.”

     Preview video Of CodeM Garage

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