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At our gallery, live the comic store encounter with our comic store mlo fivem interiors. Out kit cover not only the usual but also our Main Sales Area with vivid interiors known as the Reading Area, our one of a kind Chevron-like Hidden Rooms, among others. Store and exhibit an infinite number of titles with comic Displays. Investigate the Storage or the Backroom Areas, and traverse our custom layout with a shopping center for capes

 Comic Store MLO interiors; a place that provides comic lovers a chance to literally walk around, shop, and even role play with others. With a simple installation guide, we aim to offer accessibility for administartors and players to enjoy the colorful comic world. The Comic Strore is centered around a large Main Sales Area.


  • Easy to install
  • Main Sales Area
  • hidden room
  • 5+rooms
  • Comic Displays
  • Storage or Backroom Area
  • custom prop
  • custom interiors
  • clothing shop
  • toy things

Location v3 [-143.9310, 234.0775, 94.9726, 174.1008]

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