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The ability to switch between different roles or activities seamlessly is a key aspect of the “core multiple jobs” system. This allows players to adapt their gameplay experience based on their preferences or current objectives. For example, a player might spend some time adventuring as a warrior, then switch to crafting to replenish supplies, and finally switch to trading to sell their goods and make some profit.

Overall, the “core multiple jobs” system adds depth and replay value to games by providing players with diverse gameplay experiences and allowing them to explore different aspects of the game world.


  • Interactive UI
  • Auto job saving (When you get a new job it will be saved if this option is enabled)
  • Easy switch to offduty
  • Job Management locations
  • Default Jobs that cant be removed
  • Employee online counter
  • Salary display

Dependencies of

  • ESX


The code is not obfuscated and nicely presented ! If you don’t like to tinker with code the config allows you to change almost everything! 

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