Dog with script Bundel [ESX,QB]

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Buy Now Dog with script Bundel For ESX and QB Dog with script Bundel ESX , Dog with script Bundel qbcore, Dog with script Bundel FiveM

This script is compatible with every role play server, since you have to take care of your dog. With the K9 dog the cops can play a lot of role plays, since every dog can be connected to jobs. Besides these you can do many other things with your pet, there are a lot of emotes and functions. And you can use add on pets too.


  • Supports ESX and QBCORE.
  • oxtarget & qb-target support.
  • Do not needed any other scripts.
  • Pet functions: Follow, Control, Emotes, Ball, Attack, Sit, etc.
  • Pets and K9 police dog. (Only the cops can buy)
  • Easy menu translate to an another language.
  • You can add endless amount of peds.
  • Onysync and onesync infinity support.
  • You can edit all positions, etc.
  • Fully Optimalised: 0.00-0.02 ms.

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