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esx inventory shops in gaming terms typically refer to a graphical interface that displays information about a player’s items, equipment, or resources within a game. The term “V9” could indicate a version number.

For example, “Inventory Shops V9” could refer to an advanced inventory management system designed for use in a game environment like FiveM. It might be integrated with the ESX framework, a popular choice for FiveM servers, to provide a seamless and efficient way to track and manage inventory in the game. This system would likely offer enhanced features and capabilities compared to earlier versions, making inventory tracking and management more effective for players and server administrators alike.


New Design.
– Clean UI.
– Decay Support.
– Durability with bar and id.
– Supermarket, Weapon shop, Crafting system.
– Trunk, Glovebox.
– Hot Bar, Inventory Notify.
– Including All Functions From Qbcore Inventory.
– Include Items Img.
– More information you can see in video.


preview video of Inventory shops

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