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Introducing our advanced Full Body Tattoo Shop script, compatible with both ESX and QB-Core frameworks. Enjoy a sleek UI design and customizable features, including separate pricing for each tattoo and the ability to configure player-owned and NPC-operated tattoo studios. With seamless camera switching between tattoos and compatibility with Onesync & OneSync Infinity, this script offers optimal performance and ease of configuration. Plus, benefit from full support and the option to set custom tattoo names in the config. Elevate your virtual ink experience with our Full Body Tattoo Shop script.”

our Advanced Full Body Tattoo Shop script, meticulously crafted for both ESX and QB-Core frameworks. This feature-rich script offers a seamless and immersive experience for players seeking to express themselves through tattoos.

Compatible with popular plugins such as esx_skin, qb-clothing, fivem-appearance, and illenium-appearance, our script ensures flexibility and integration with existing server setups. With a visually appealing UI design, navigating the tattoo selection process is intuitive and enjoyable.

Set your own price for each tattoo, allowing for dynamic pricing strategies that cater to various player preferences and budgets. The inclusion of a Tattoo Artist job, configurable in the script’s settings, enables players to establish their own tattoo studios, fostering entrepreneurship within the virtual world.

The script’s advanced features extend to the management of tattoo shops, with the ability to specify the ratio of player-owned studios to NPC-operated ones. This level of customization ensures a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience tailored to your server’s needs.

Enjoy smooth camera transitions between tattoos, enhancing the realism of the tattooing process. Compatibility with Onesync & OneSync Infinity ensures seamless performance, with minimal resource usage both inside and outside of tattoo shop interiors


Compatibility with ESX and QB-Core
Compatibility with esx_skin / qb-clothing / fivem-appearance / illenium-appearance
Pretty UI design.
Tattoo Artist job to be set in config, many players can have their own tattoo studio, but this does not exclude the possibility of setting another tattoo studio for NPCs.
Price separately for each tattoos.
Advanced tattoo includes the ability to configure how many tattooshops are be companies of the players and how many by NPCs at one time!
Script easy to configure.
Camera switching between tattoo.
Compatibility with Onesync & OneSync Infinity.
0.00ms resmon outside the interiors.
0.03ms resmon in the course of using the tattoo menu.
Ability to set custom tattoos names in config. (The default is made to detect the language of your game.)
Ability to set TextUI (my free TextUI here 84)
Full JS, Lua translation.
Full support.

Video Preview  [ESX/QB]Advanced Full Body Tattoo Shop

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