Fivem Church MLO V2

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“Experience the serene beauty and profound tranquility of Fivem Church MLO V2, where amidst the bustling chaos of the virtual world, a beacon of hope and inspiration awaits. Step into its hallowed halls and feel the weight of the outside world lift as you immerse yourself in a sanctuary of reflection and spiritual renewal.

Welcome to Fivem Church MLO V2, a sacred haven nestled in the virtual world where players can seek solace, find inspiration, and connect with their spiritual side. Join us as we embark on a journey to explore the serene beauty, rich history, and cultural significance of Fivem Church MLO V2.


  • Easy to install
  • Main Entrance
  • Custom prop
  • Confessional Booths
  • Exterior Design
  • Custom interiors
  • Fellowship Hall
  • Candle Stands
  • Prayer Stations

Location v3  [-1685.06, -277.2893, 60.31789]

Preview video of Fivem Church MLO

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