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FiveM Oil Rig MLO is likely a map location object for the FiveM popular roleplaying games, which adds an offshore oil platform as a brand new environment. This is a breakdown

Map Location Object: A custom asset that is used to create locations in FiveM.

Oil Rig : The MLO has added a new custom location for the FiveM oil rig. The rigs, which are usually located at sea as platforms to extract and process crude oil, serve as extraction and processing platforms.

The FiveM Oil Rig Multi-Location Objects (MLOs) can be used for different purposes, depending on your server theme. 


  • Players could take on various roles related to the oil industry, such as:
    • Rig workers: Extracting oil, maintaining equipment, and ensuring overall platform operations.
    • Engineers: Troubleshooting technical issues, optimizing processes, and upgrading equipment.
    • Security personnel: Protecting the rig from pirates, environmental hazards, and potential hostile actors.
    • Executives or managers: Overseeing operations, making decisions, and ensuring profitability.
  • The MLO could offer interactive features like control panels, repair stations, and extraction equipment, allowing players to engage in realistic tasks and activities.
  • The oil rig could be a hub for various jobs and missions, fostering collaboration and exciting roleplay scenarios.

Heist target:

  • In some servers, the oil rig might be a high-value target for players to rob, involving infiltration, strategic planning, and thrilling escapades.
  • The MLO could include security systems, guard patrols, and valuable assets, adding challenge and risk to potential heists.

Location v3(-3011.5254, 7492.8091, 67.5664, 111.8971) 

                         Preview video of fivem oil rig

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