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Fivem Paradise Club MLO adds a brand new stripclub to the world of Fivem. This club, located in Los Santos, has a variety of features including a dancing floor, bar and VIP area.

Paradise Club is a fantastic way to introduce a brand new location and experience to your Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay Server. Nightclubs can be fully customized to give your players a truly unique experience.

Paradise Club MLO mod is high quality with realistic and detailed strip clubs. There are multiple levels in the club, such as a main level with a stage and VIP area. The club also has a number of NPCs including security guards, dancers and customers. 


  • Fully furnished and decorated interior
  • Variety of props and objects to interact with
  • Realistic and detailed strip club environment
  • Swimming pool
  • Custom prop
  • Music studio
  • Bar
  • More feature check in video

Location v3(-3033.2727, 23.1311, 10.1183, 335.8386)

The Paradise Club MLO is a great way to add adult entertainment to your GTA V experience. The mod is easy to install and use and compatible with most FiveM servers.

         Preview video of fivem paradise club mlo

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