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fivem prison script, prison job systems are usually created using server admin tailored custom scripts and resources. These systems attempt to recreate various aspects of real prison life, including inmate jobs and interactions. The specific features of a prison job system on FiveM will depend on the server as well as the scripts the server admin has used.

FiveM prison job systems typically entail custom scripts and resources crafted by server administrators. These systems aim to replicate different facets of prison life, encompassing inmate tasks and engagements. The exact functionalities of a prison job system on FiveM may differ based on the server and the scripts utilized.

The Prison++ script is a comprehensive addition to FiveM servers, enhancing the immersion and gameplay experience within the prison environment. Here’s an overview of its key features:

  1. Jailing System: Allows police officers to jail and unjail players, with the ability to add additional time to existing sentences.
  2. Legal Jobs: Provides inmates with various legal jobs to earn money, including janitorial tasks, electrician work, cooking, and garbage collection.
  3. Kitchen: Inmates can obtain food and drinks for free from the kitchen counter, and a peddler sells items for money earned through legal jobs.
  4. Illegal Activities: Players can join one of three prison gangs (Families, Ballas, Vagos) and complete illegal activities to earn reputation and cigarettes. Items can be purchased from gangs with cigarettes, and some items may be locked behind reputation requirements.
  5. Drugs: Inmates can manufacture their own drug called ‘mud’ using various ingredients found in the prison. The process involves mixing ingredients in a toilet and then cooking them in the kitchen. The finished product can be smuggled out of the prison for profit.
  6. Prison Alarm: Guards have the ability to trigger a prison alarm from the control room, alerting everyone in the city and playing an alarm sound for nearby players.
  7. Recreational Activities: Allows inmates to participate in recreational activities such as Wall Ball and Basketball to pass the time.

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