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The FiveM shopping mall MLOs are everything you could need to roleplay and explore in the GTA V land. Essentially, they include different options for the needed immersion and gameplay: Variety. Our large-scale malls are multiple-floored buildings containing numerous stores, restaurants, and fun centers.


  • Detailed Interiors & Exteriors: Realistic textures and meticulous design for immersive environments.
  • Interactive Elements: Functional doors, lights, escalators, and shop displays for realism.
  • Custom Scripts: Advanced MLOs with interactive features like ATMs, shop inventories, and mini-games.
  • Multiple Floors & Locations: Explore diverse floors with shops, cafes, food courts, and parking garages.
  • Uses:
    • Roleplaying Hub: Ideal for various roleplay scenarios, from shopping trips to robberies or social events.
    • Content Creation: Perfect for showcasing roleplaying situations, fashion shows, or in-game events.
    • Server Atmosphere: Enhances server ambiance, offering players a familiar and interactive location to explore.

Location v3(-555.7112, -635.0115, 33.7978, 358.5345) 

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