fivem weed plant script

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Buy fivem weed plant script weed Script provides the convenience of planting weed anywhere using both male and female seeds, along with additional features like watering, harvesting branches, drying, and packing the weed.

Track your plant’s progress with instant logs, ensuring you stay informed every step of the way. Plant multiple seeds simultaneously and customize how many weeds you grow at once with configurable settings.

Weed team can grow them live live instantly

-Weed grows and develops completely according to your care

-Responsive ve modern UI

-Can you track the situation with instant logs

-Multiple seeds can be planted in a row and weed can be developed, you can set how many weeds can be grown at the same time with config

-Harvesting processes are according to the size of the weed, how many times the size of the leaf is set in the config.

-How much effect the food given to the weed will have can be adjusted with the config (example 1 water fills 10% water bar)

-Blips can be disabled and multiple fields can be added.

-How fast the plant grows is set by configuration

-Highly optimized operation (idle 0.01ms)

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