Helicopter Landing Sites MLO

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Helicopter Landing Sites MLO

Helicopter Landing Sites MLO


Most pads will have the following,

  1. Safe approach lights
  2. Gound safety lights to illuminate obstructions
  3. Ground lighting
  4. Fire safety equipment
  5. High obstruction red lights (on poles, signs and hills)
  6. 100% Open Source

NOTE: Postals come from the ‘nearest-postal’ mod using ‘new-postals.json’

hls-calafia – North Calafia Way Postal 1089
hls-chiliad – top of chilliad mountain behind the chair lift
hls-gornorth – Great Ocean Road North Postal 1104 between Paleto and Zancudo
hls-central – Great Ocean Road Postal 5006 just north of Zancudo tunnel
hls-gorsouth – Great Ocean Road Postal 5013 between Zancudo and the city
hls-harmony – Route 68 Postal 4020 behind Dollar Pills
hls-zancudoriver01 – Route 68 Postal 5004on the river
hls-sandyshorespd – Alhambra Drive Postal 3004 opposite Sand Shores Police Station
hls-swimminghole – in the mountains, a fun location to take your friends, chill out with a BBQ and a swim.


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