Mechanic MLO [Sandy]

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Mechanic MLO [Sandy]

Mechanic Shop at sandy fivem mlo

Mechanic MLO at Sandy Shores is a highly detailed and immersive FiveM MLO that transforms the Sandy Shores gas station into a fully functioning mechanic shop. This MLO is perfect for roleplay servers, as it provides players with a realistic and engaging space to work on vehicles.


  • Fully functioning mechanic shop
  • Highly detailed and immersive interior
  • Wide range of amenities


  • Provide players with a realistic and engaging space to work on vehicles
  • Enhance the roleplay experience on your server
  • Attract and retain players
  • Improve server performance


  • FiveM
  • Latest version of GTA V


  1. Download the MLO file
  2. Place the MLO file in the resources folder of your FiveM server
  3. Start your FiveM server
  4. Add the MLO to your server’s resource list
  5. Start the MLO


  • You can customize the MLO to your liking by editing the mlo file
  • You can add your own props to the MLO by placing them in the mlo folder
  • You can improve server performance by disabling unnecessary scripts and graphics mods

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Get your Mechanic MLO at Sandy Shores today and transform your roleplay server!

This MLO is the perfect addition for any server that wants to offer its players a realistic and engaging way to work on vehicles. With its fully equipped garage, paint shop, and car wash, this MLO has everything your players need to keep their rides in top condition.


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