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New Properties System


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features of myProperties

  • Complete key management included: You can grant your friends key access to your property, so they can enter, leave and access the storage and wallet whenever they want (also when you are offline).
  • In Addition you can set up, that players without key can enter your property. Useful f.e. for offices.
  • Unique house inventory and wallet for each property.
  • Of course all the necessary things for a property script are included:
    → Wardrobe
    → Storage (For items and weapons)
    → Wallet
    → Invite players to enter your property
    → Rent is paid every day at a configurable time
  • You can set up a custom doorbell sign for your properties.
  • The script manages the vanishing completely on his own (no instance required)
  • You can set up more apartments in one building (f.e. 10 apartments in the Eclipse Tower → example is given in the default sql file)
  • Complete IPL support, so you can use all different IPLs of an office or apartment as a unique property.
  • You can add new properties with own interiors etc. completely free to your database.
    → You can also set up in the database, whether a property should be buyable or not (When not a realestateagent have to sell it) and whether it is unique or not. When a property is unique it can only be bought one time.


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