Pillbox Hospital V2 MLO

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Pillbox Hospital V2 MLO

The Emergency Services Area ensures quick access for medical personnel during critical situations, enhancing the overall efficiency of your virtual healthcare system.

Flexibility is at the core of this product, with custom interiors that empower you to modify layouts according to your server’s specific needs. Well-designed waiting areas contribute to the immersive experience, providing a realistic setting for players and their characters.

The fully-equipped operating theater sets the stage for engaging surgical role-playing scenarios, while advanced equipment adds authenticity to the medical center environment.With 4+ halls, the Fivem Medical Center Interiors offer ample space for diverse in-game activities and events.


  • Easy to install
  • Functional Rooms
  • custom prop
  • Emergency Services Area
  • custom interiors
  • Waiting Areas
  • Operating Theater
  • Advanced Medical Equipment
  • 4+hall


Pillbox Hospital V2 MLO

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