Police And Lawyer MDT [ESX,QB]

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Police And Lawyer MDT [ESX,QB] enhancing efficiency on a FiveM server! The QBCore MDT script seems to offer a comprehensive suite of features tailored for both police officers and lawyers, which is great for role-playing scenarios. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:


  • Profiles for each player (with custom image and notes)
  • Live keyword searches everywhere for profiles, charges, vehicles, persons, etc.
  • Dark / Light Theme
  • Extended / Collapsed Sidebar
  • Responsive UI (Supports all screen resolutions)
  • Smooth UI Experience
  • Neomorphism Based Design
  • Config Customizable logos for all 3 MDTs
  • New updates every month or week
  • Instant bug fixes

Police MDT

  • Create Incidents
  • Create Reports (Investigative, Civilian and Bolo)
  • Create Evidences (Blood, Bullets, Photo, Vehicle, Other)
  • Dashboard for overview of Warrants and Reports
  • Doctors Involved with Live Keyword search List
  • Persons/Patients Involved with Live Keyword search List
  • Vehicle Involved with Live Keyword search List
  • Add Criminal Scum Option (with various actions like add charges, warrant, processed, pleaded guilty)
  • Config Customizable charges with predefined fines
  • Automatic fine calculator based on charges
  • Warrant System
  • Automatic warrant expire system
  • Jail Charges reductions calculator
  • Display Prior charges in Person Profile
  • Display fine/seizes in Vehicle Profile
  • Display Incidents/Report Involved in Vehicle Profile
  • List config customizable Charges and search

Lawyer/DOJ MDT

  • View Warrant
  • Take Action on Warrant (Based on config customizable job grade)
  • Approve / Reject Warrant
  • View Reports (View Only)
  • View Incidents (View Only)
  • View BOLOS

Video Preview Police And Lawyer MDT [ESX,QB]

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