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Today, we’re back with the  pops diner fivem Steiner. So we’re using the gabs amloth, the gabs pops downer which is fantastic along with alongside the Timothy Pops Dir restaurant. So, pretty damn amazing. All Fight, first things first, you  can sit on every seat in this Diner. You can even sit on these stools.
So let’s sit down on the store.

Yeah, fantastic. Let’s All different job grades and as long as you’vegot a job grade, you’ll be able to use everything as the employee. So we can charge customers. We can toggle on and off duty, we can pour coffee. You want a coffee? Can pour coffeeFantastic. Loads of different things we could do. We can open the  counter, we can put the coffee on the counter. So as a customer, if a  customer comes across to the counter, they can take over whatever
they want

  • A detailed and realistic diner interior
  • A working counter with shelves stocked with food and drinks
  • Booths and tables for seating
  • A kitchen area
  • A variety of props and textures to create a realistic and immersive diner experience 


  • A diner robbery
  • A casual dining experience
  • A roleplaying scenario where players work as diner staff

 Location v3(1585.57, 6448.24, 25.17)   

Preview video of pops diner fivem

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