Secret Black Market MLO

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Secret Black Market MLO

Secret Black Market MLO


  • Hidden spot
  • Delimited area, no vehicle can enter without your permission
  • Exterior storage for temporary items/load and unload
  • Dock/Wharf to import/export or to get to/escape the area
  • Custom MLO with 4 different rooms, connected by doors (or gates)
  • Waiting room w/ secure front desk, LED customizable sign
  • Storage room for ready-to-go goods
  • Storage room w/ second entrance/exit + small living.
  • Private office
  • Custom audio occlusions, custom doors audio and real radio emitters (Channel X)
  • Reworked exterior – 15.5 MB only!
  • Extremely optimized, low poly models, cache props, different rooms, single 3D lights
  • Fully compatible with build 2189+

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