Spike Strips Custom [ESX,QB]

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Buy Now Spike Strips Custom For ESX And QB Spike Strips Custom ESX , Spike Strips Custom qbcore, Spike Strips Custom FiveM , Spike Strips Custom fivem

SpikeStripsCustom allows you to deploy (with sound) up to 2 strips that can cover good portion of roads and highways and will blow up tires of only NPCs.


  • Deploy Spike Strips: Easily deploy spike strips with a simple key press, strategically placing them to control and disable the tires of approaching vehicles.
  • Deploy Sound: Upon deployment, an immersive sound effect is played.
  • Limit of 2 Strips: Each player can deploy up to two spike strips at a time.
  • Tire Disabling: SpikeStripsCustom targets only NPC vehicles, preventing interference with player vehicles.


  1. Download SpikeStripsCustom and add to your server resources folder.
  2. Add start SpikeStripsCustom to your server.cfg file to enable the resource

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