Squid Game Level 5

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Buy now Squid Game Level 5 | Once the game begins, there are no additional players until the game ends. Squid GAME

“The Glass Stepping Stones” takes its inspiration from classic games like hopscotch, infusing it with an exciting twist. Participants gather at a specific location and await the countdown to kick off the game. Each player contributes $100 before the game commences, with prizes awarded to winners at the end. Once the game starts, no additional players can join until it concludes, adding an element of exclusivity and anticipation to the experience.

Features Squid GAME
  • Glass Bridge. Bridge with 2 types of glass synchronised between all players. If the player moves on the wrong glass – game over and glass breaks. Each game is random.
  • Location in MLO. Modeled location with attention to details, realistic sounds, lights, shadows and no rain inside.
  • Accumulative Reward. If no one won in the game all fees accumulate to total reward for the next game.
  • All included. You receive Location, Clothes and Script.
  • Countdown. When the countdown is over and you are not in the finish zone – game over.
  • Multiplayer. Many players can join the game together.
  • Optimized. CPU and Network Optimized. If you are not in the game, the script takes less than 0.01 ms and a few requests sended over the network.
  • Plug-and-play. Standalone, ESX, QBCore and vRP versions.

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