Up-N-Atom Burger MLO

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                                                Up-N-Atom Burger MLO

Enhance your FiveM experience with a dynamic and engaging Up-N-Atom Burger MLO that allows your players to indulge in the ultimate gastronomic delight. With a simple installation process, you can elevate your server’s dining options and treat your players to the delectable taste of Atom Bombs.


  • Fully-functional Burger MLO
  • Job system with wages
  • Realistic cooking mechanics
  • Inventory management
  • Optional QB boss menu
  • Detailed interior design
  • Interactive objects
  • Easy installation
  • FiveM optimized

Step-by-Step Installation:

  1. Download the “upatom_burger” file.
  2. Add the file to your FiveM resources folder.
  3. Ensure the file is listed in your server.cfg:
    start upatom_burger
  4. Restart your FiveM server.

Start serving up delicious burgers and creating unforgettable roleplay experiences today!

Additional Information:

  • Location: v3(101.2339, 280.0064, 108.4857)
  • Check out the video for more features!

                                                  Video Preview of Up-N-Burger Atom

Need Help?

I truly trust that this guide has addressed any questions you might have had. If any of the instructions were unclear to you, you can access a more detailed explanation for each step by utilizing the bottom menu on this page (or at the bottom of the contact section if you are there). For quality scripts related to this Mlo, you can explore the offerings at this fivem shop


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