Uranus V3 – QBCore Framework

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Download Now Fully optimized FiveM Full Server based on qbcore framework Fivem full server fivem qbcore framework fivem qbcore full server download fivem.Uranus V3

Uranus V3 is a comprehensive package for the QBCore framework in FiveM, offering a wide range of features and content to enhance your server. It includes various job options such as Police, EMS, Tow, Taxi, Trucker, Vineyard, Bus Driver, Hot Dog Vendor, Ranger, Farming, News Reporter, Fishing, Tuner, Mechanic, BurgerShot, BestBud, and more. Additionally, it provides criminal activities like Cocaine Lab, Car Theft, Bank Robbery, Black Market, Bob Cat Robbery, Forgery ID Card, Meth Lab, House Robbery, Marijuana Pickup, Car Boosting, and Nitro.

Police Job + K9 Dog
Ems Job
Tow Job
Taxi Job
Trucker Job
Bus Driver Job
Hot Dog Job
Ranger Job Farming
Hunting Diving + Hidden tresure
BestBud Job
News Reporter Job
Fishing + Treasure
Tuner Job
Mechanic Job
BurgerShot Job
UWU Café Job Grabage
Job Mining + Craft Gold Item
Gangs and criminal businesses
Cocaine Lab
Car Theft
Bank Robbery
Black Market
Bob Cat Robbery
Meth Lab
House Robbery + Prop
Marijuna Pickup + sell
Car Boosting
Crafting Table
Gang + bossMenu + stash Other features
Business License Lot More things on the server
Trash Search + eye Target
Np Showroom
Np Custom Car + Livery
New Inventory
Rental System
Np Eye target use in every thing
Np Banking
Radial Menu
Prop Chair Shop
New Hud with customize
Np Scene
Fuel + Eye Target
Custom Gun + Skin Custom
Katana + Skin
Np Mini game
Np Dispatch
Weed Joint
Anti Cheat
Atm + eye target
Boss Menu
Admin Menu
Np Multicharacter
Np Phone 3.0
Pawn Shop
Scap yard
Np lockpick
Np stancer
Np Map
Np Custom
Np Tuner Shop
And More …

Video Preview of Uranus V3 – QBCore Framework

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