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Custom legion square fivem is a highly detailed and realistic map mod for FiveM that will add the Legion Square area of Los Santos to your server. The map will add a variety of new buildings, vehicles, and props. And features that will be implemented include a day/night cycle, new weather effects, dynamic rain puddles that can form regardless of the weather, and more.


  • Detailed and realistic recreation of the Legion Square area of Los Santos
  • A variety of new props
  • New gameplay features, such as a working fountain and a variety of new shops
  • Fully compatible with FiveM
  • Starbucks shop
  • Nike shop
  • More feature check in video


  • Add a new and exciting area to your FiveM server
  • Give your players a new place to explore and interact with
  • Enhance the realism and immersion of your server


Location v3(166.4193, -986.7579, 31.6308, 343.2079) 

Preview video of custom legion square fivem

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