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This MLO adds a new hotbox to the FiveM map where players can sell weeds and other items. The hotbox is located at the Buds Shop, which is a new store that has been added to the map.

FiveM Hotbox MLO is a mod for GTA V’s multiplayer modification, FiveM, introducing the “Hotbox” map. Inside this enclosed area, players can enjoy a laid-back atmosphere with features like a hookah bar and a pool table. It’s a chill spot to hang out and socialize, offering the option to smoke hookah and interact with various amenities. Whether you’re looking to unwind or have some fun with friends, the Hotbox map provides a unique and relaxed experience within FiveM.


    • Custom props
    • Smoke effects
    • Smoke hookah
    • Hookah Bar
    • Tv unit
    • Weed farm
    • Multiple rooms
    • More feature check in video

Location v3(-47.44, -1656.06, 29.29)

Preview video of fivem hotbox mlo

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